Canadian Tire Newly Renovated

If you haven’t explored the new Canadian Tire store yet, now is your chance!

The recently renovated space has not only allowed the store to stock new products, but has created an inviting and modern atmosphere to enhance your overall shopping experience.



Nice Nails

Nice Nails is now OPEN at the Antigonish Market Square! Stop by to visit the new space and receive fine nail care and beauty services to look and feel your best.


Antigonish Market Square Gift Certificates

Antigonish Market Square Gift Certificates are best for any occasion!

They are available in any denominations from $20 to $100 and can be used for goods or services at all stores at Antigonish Market Square including Cleve’s. To pick one up, visit the mall administration office located between Marks and Northern Reflections or call 863-1596.


Introducing Antigonish Market Square

Hey, did you notice? We changed our name! We’re now called Antigonish Market Square. We’re pretty sure we’ll all still say, ‘hey, meet you at the Mall!’ And that’s quite alright. We picked our new handle because we would like to think of ourselves as a bit more than a mall. And over time, we hope to grow our square into a multi-purpose centre of the community, for shopping, events, festivals and other great excuses for bringing the people of Antigonish and northeastern Nova Scotia together. Head on over to Facebook to tell us what you think and what you’d like to see next with the Mall, uh, Antigonish Market Square!